Have you been presented with a new challenge in your career and are looking to
rise to the occasion?
You are already good.
Are you ready to be excellent?
Are you an executive or sales professional
that feels stuck?

Executive Coach Brian Newman
Hong Kong's Leading Coach Specializing in Executives

working with executives from across Asia including Tokyo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Are you an executive considering mentoring, leadership training, or life coaching? Executive Coaching may be right for you. Scroll down to discover how an Executive Coach can help you get to the next level.

Why do executives seek out coaches?

Executive coaching is the process of partnering with an executive to transform that executive from good to excellent in all the domains where excellence is required

The Executive

The Executive

You could come from a wide range of fields, including IT, manufacturing, consumer goods, banking, or even be a small to medium sized business owner; located anywhere in Asia or the United States. Maybe you’ve heard of coaching and are interested enough to explore the possibility of taking the next step? If so, an executive coach may be right for you.

Are you looking to…


re-energize determination and focus
generate new business
anticipate market trends
discover solutions to daunting challenges
build new competencies quickly


"Pragmatism discourages the coach from falling into habitual responses with executives and constantly asks us to reconsider 'What will be useful for this person here and now?'"

What will be achieved through the coaching process?

Outcomes of Coaching

Long-term Excellence

Long-Term Excellence

the aim of coaching is to build new capabilities that help us achieve specific goals and stay with us afterwards



observe the difference between what we intend and the actual outcomes, and make “corrections” to fill that divide



well-coached clients discover new ways to generate new capabilities, without relying on a coach

Who has the coaching process been successful for?

Success Stories

What makes the coaching process effective?

Coaching is conducted face to face or via phone for several sessions over a period of months. While coaching engagements are highly customized for each client, they will usually include some or all of the following:



client/coach agree on coaching process, milestones, and desired outcomes. Agreement is recorded in a document that explicitly states what the client and the coach are committed to accomplishing during the coaching.



a “sponsor” might be a manager or an HR representative. Alignment session between client/sponsor/coach to ensure ongoing reporting and agreement on coaching process, milestones, and desired outcomes

Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder Interviews

a rigorous feedback/feedforward process including interviews of client’s key stakeholders ensures an objective view of client’s leadership state, as well as current and future expectations by stakeholders

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment

pre/post 360 degree leadership assessment to track client’s change through the coaching, Strengths assessments and other assessments will be integrated into the program as appropriate

Shadow Coaching

Shadow Coaching

observing the client at work in order to provide performance feedback to reinforce client behavioral change



books and articles will be recommended or provided according to client’s interests

Informal Conversations

Informal Conversations

brief, informal coaching conversations between coaching sessions in support of the client’s ongoing change


Are you ready to take the first step from Good to Excellent?

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